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Cell-Vu Pre-Stained Morphology Slides


Product type: Cell Counting Chambers

Vendor: Cell-Vu



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These slides are used for the staining of spermatozoa, blood, CSF, and urine cytology. Each slide contains a dried layer of stain that once in contact with cells, facilitates morphology assessment.  Cell-VU® provides cleaner and clearer slides for rapid cellular visualization and differential cell assessment.

CELL-VU® Pre-stained Morphology slides combine conventional microscope slides with a proprietary combination of methylene blue and cresyl violet stains into a single, ready-to-use device.

Samples are applied directly to the slide and a coverslip is placed over the sample. One step process limits exposure to reagents and potentially harmful stains.

CELL-VU® is used for World Health Organization and Kruger strict morphology sperm assessment from undiluted semen.




Quantity 75 Slides
Dimensions (L&W) Slide 3 in x 1 in
 Slide Type Glass Microscope Slide
 Type Pre-Stained Morphology Slides
 Stain Type Methylene Blue and Cresyl Violet
Regulatory Status FDA Registered
Color Blue